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Recent study proves: Only organically produced food is free of pesticide residues

The Mouvement Ecologique informs about the results of a new study of the Luxembourg Ministry of Health: Only organically produced food - whether locally produced or imported - is free of harmful pesticide residues.

The study examined a total of 480 samples of products of plant and animal origin, of which about 10% were organically certified products. Without exception, all organic products from domestic production were free of pesticide residues and only two samples of organic seed grains from abroad contained residues without exceeding the permissible limit.

The situation is somewhat different for conventional products. On average, 52% of the products of conventional origin contained pesticide residues. But here, too, it can be said that the locally produced foods were less contaminated than the imported ones. The study was able to trace 115 different substances, some of which are banned in the EU. Most products contained several pesticides, but so far only the maximum limits for a single pesticide have been researched. Interactions of the pesticide cocktails on health have therefore not yet been determined.

The conclusion is clear: consumers can significantly reduce the risk of buying pesticide-contaminated products if they buy organically produced food in the first place and, if possible, from local production in the second place.

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