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The Kass-Haff farm cheese dairy

The production of cheese is one of the oldest and finest traditions, consisting of preserving milk, a foodstuff that perishes so quickly. The BIOG cheese dairy on the Kass-Haff farm in Rollingen-Mersch is perpetuating this tradition.

At the planning stage of this farm outside the village, the Kass family knew that it would integrate into it a small cheese dairy managed by the cooperative Bio-Bauere-Genossenschaft Lëtzebuerg (BIOG). The direct processing of the Demeter milk on site allows to obtain authentic local produce with impeccable traceability. Another advantage is that the farm supplies the milk, but is not involved in the sometimes very complex processes of production and marketing. The cooperative deals with all that, while the wholesaler Biogros takes care of the distribution of the cheese.

The cheese dairy owes its success to the 30 horned milking cows that live around the farm. In spring and summer, they graze in the meadow, where they enjoy juicy grass and aromatic herbs. This natural feed is clearly reflected in the taste and quality of the milk and cheese.

The popular Luxembourg "Stoffi"

A classic among Luxembourg’s fresh organic speciality cheeses is the BIOG "Stoffi", curd produced with the finest Demeter milk. For 25 years, "Stoffi" was produced at the Schanck-Haff farm in Hupperdange. Its production was then transferred to the Kass-Haff farm in 2014. The production of "Stoffi" soon breezed ahead, with new versions being created, like Stoffi with herbs.

"Klenge Mëllen" and "Klenge Sténkert"

In addition to "Klenge Mëllen", a soft cheese with a mould rind, which has been famous for many years, the Kass-Haff cheese dairy has also been producing "Klenge Sténkert" since the spring of 2018. When fully ripe, it does full justice to its name and wins over countless cheese lovers with its intense flavour. The two varieties of cheese are produced two or three times a week, as stocks are used up. The production process involves separating the day's milk into a few large and several small cheese moulds. The fat content of Demeter milk is not defined in advance, but corresponds to the milk’s natural content, which may vary according to the season. Irregularities of this nature are deliberately permitted, because they make this cheese a unique natural product that is distinguished from industrial cheese by its look and taste.

"Frësche Kéis ", a cream cheese is also produced in the Kass-Haff farm cheese dairy.

The "Frësche Kéis", "Stoffi" as well as "Klenge Mëllen" and "Klenge Sténkert" of the BIOG cheese dairy are sold under the BIOG brand in the Naturata stores as well as in the organic section of certain supermarkets.

Since 2017 the cheeses produced at Kass-Haff have carried the fair&associative label, which symbolises a fair cooperation between all the stakeholders in the product's value chain and thus between the milk producers, the processors, the retailers and the consumers.

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