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  • Member ofVereenegung fir Bio-Landwirtschaft Lëtzebuerg asbl.

Pierre Witry

"More than just an ordinary organic farm"

Organic farmer by conviction

The dairy farmer from Dippach converted his farm completely to organic in 2006. On the one hand, this was due to the motivation that grew with the increasing knowledge about organic farming and the exchange with other organic farmers. On the other hand, it was due to the involuntary dependence and recurring scandals in conventional agriculture. For Farmer Witry it is important to manage his farm in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way and to sensitize consumers to regional organic products of high quality. The moment when you see how something that you have planted or cultivated yourself develops, makes him happy.

Cows are the centre of the farm

The farm is focussed on the work around the dairy herd. Special attention must be paid to the feeding and to adapting the breeding of the cattle to the farm conditions. These have been improved by the construction of a new farm outside the village: there is an open front barn with bedded cubicles and a bedded calf barn. Here, robust and durable cows of the Fleckvieh breed are kept, which can eat a lot of basic feed and are healthy. For some years now, the breed has been bred for hornlessness in order not to have to cut off the horns, as these can cause problems in everyday life.

Almost all the feed is produced on the farm. No corn is planted anymore. It is replaced by good field fodder, which is supported by the positive preceding crop effect of legumes. The healthy cows and stable yields are still the best arguments against the prejudices from conventional agriculture. During the conversion process, it is helpful to identify yourself with organic farming principles, to have a strong self-confidence and to accept support from outside.

As a BIOG member, the farmer can market his milk himself and can sell it 100% as organic milk. But not only that: the customer can also tap the fresh milk directly at the "MilKUHmat" on the farm, which is connected to the fresh milk tank. Thus, about 20 thousand of the 280 thousand litres of milk produced per year are sold through the vending machine. Other BIOG dairy products are also available on the farm. The Witry's always have an open ear for questions from customers.

Project: MUHlti-KUHlti

The project, which was initiated by Mrs Witry, is part of the overall educational concept of the farm. There is a lot to discover and explain on an organic farm. School class projects and programmes for day-care centres are organised. Moreover, private groups can visit and children's birthdays can be held. Mrs. Witry's aim is to pass on the thinking and feeling of an organic farm to the next generation. A good team of helpers, affectionately called "Haffwiichtelcher", helps her with this.

Pierre is a member of the BIOG cooperative and a shareholder of the BIOG dairy, which collects, processes and markets his milk.

The greatest motivation for a conversion to organic was the possibility of being able to cultivate sustainably and without genetic engineering. It is particularly important to us to produce in a resource-conserving manner and in harmony with nature - without chemical agents. Animal welfare is also very important to us.

Pierre Witry
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