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  • Member ofVereenegung fir Bio-Landwirtschaft Lëtzebuerg asbl.

Nadine Schaus-Colbach

The family Schaus-Colbach runs a typical family exploitation, which puts the well-being of the animals and nature into the spotlight and not only the mere economic activity. Thus, the farmers experience their work as fulfilment. They work in harmony with nature in a natural circuit and produce their own animal fodder. Doing so, they support the biodiversity on their pastures and meadows, which in return improves the quality of their animal feed.

The farm is a member of the BIOG association, which collects, processes and markets his products. Moreover, the sell their products via direct marketing on the farm and market their meat through Bio-Maufel.

It is important to us to contribute to the protection of nature through our organic protuction and to practice a form of agriculture that is a close to nature as possible.