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  • Member ofVereenegung fir Bio-Landwirtschaft Lëtzebuerg asbl.

Marc Emering - An Dudel

The Emering family runs the certified organic farm since 1999. There have been many reasons to chose this type of agriculture: starting with the BSE crisis, which lead to behavioural changes at the level of consumers and farmers, followed by the imprisonment in a price race to the bottom, the pressure to grow inorganically and the dependence on the global industry. Marc Emering wanted to break with this mentality of the anonymous supplier and hence decided to commercialise his products by himself.

The farmer chose another pillar for his exploitation after the visit of an organic farm abroad: an organic broiler farm with spacious yards. The BIOG cooperative supported the farmer a lot with this project, by guaranteeing the turnover since the beginning and by leeding market discussions. Consequently, the family’s financial existence was secured and the self-marketing-channel of the products on the farm was ready to be build.

The 8000 chickens living on the organic farm can grow their beaks and wings naturally. They are fed with 100% organic fodder and have access to a spacious outdoor area. As a result, they are growing slower, have a firmer meat and live longer.

Pasta from Luxembourg with Dudel-Magie (magic)

Besides the broiler farm, Marc Emering started his own pasta production back in 2012, because it matched well with the work at the farm and the products completed each other perfectly in terms of marketing and sales. These two business segments melt together like magic (“Magie”) and give the products their individuality. For the pasta, he uses regional spelt semolina and eggs from Luxembourg. The so-called “Hunnekroun” is a special shape of pasta, which resembles the cockscomb. The pasta is marketed through two different channels: via the BIOG cooperative and the own farm-label called Dudel-Magie. The farm shop of the “Bio-Haff An Dudel”, where you can find every product that the farm offers, is open every Saturday from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm.

Marc Emering pays close attention to guarantee the high quality of his products and offers a professional service and an open ear to his clients. He cares deeply about principles such as transparency and openness. Hence, customers can visit the farm and the pasta production site and get to know the farm animals and the work behind everything simultaneously. Thereby, the agricultural connections and the particular characteristics of organic farming become visible.

Marc is a member and the president of the BIOG cooperative.

I didn't want to resign myself to being dependent on the chemical industry. In conventional agriculture, dependency is constantly increasing. Just think how genetically manipulated seeds are spreading.

Marc Emering
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