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The corporate network

Farmers must join forces to become contractible in the value chain and cooperatives or producer groups are important to bundle farmers’ production. Without those associations based upon solidarity, the requirements of the supply chain could not be met, meaning that only very large and specialized farms would survive.

co-founder of BioG and board member

The Oikopolis network is deeply rooted in the region and by continuous expansion; it is aiming at strengthening of regional value chains. The companies participating in the network benefit through numerous synergy effects, and not only financial, but also other, like idealistic reasons motivate companies to join the Oikopolis group. Through this cooperative network, solidarity along the entire value chain - from the organic farmers through all processing and trading stages up to the customer – is established.

If cooperation is still missing in the value chain, new initiatives and investments are created, for example the Biog-Cerealis s.àr.l. Founded in 2021 by Oikopolis Participations SA, ten farmers from the Biog cooperative are now organised to improve the regional value chain from cereal production up to flour processing and baked goods.

In addition to the core group of companies, the Oikopolis network (link) also includes external companies in which the Oikopolis Participation SA holds minority shares.

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