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Environmental protection and organics

Organic agriculture and sustainable eco-systems

More as three decades, farms and companies of the Oikopolis group are committed to organic agriculture. Organic agriculture stands for a sustainable production in the broadest sense and for high-quality food. It provides concrete answers to existing global challenges such as biodiversity loss or worldwide land degradation:

  • the preservation of soil fertility as a primary goal and cultivated areas demonstrate an elevated active soil life.
  • synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are prohibited.
  • specific biodynamic preparation processes support the life processes in soil and in plants.
  • soil's improved ability to absorb and store water allows for greater resilience in periods of drought.
  • ground and surface water are not contaminated and useful insects as well as people working in agriculture remain spared of the damage caused by chemicals.
  • it works with a perennial crop rotation system and a high variety of crops.
  • the humus-rich soil structure stores more excess carbon from the air and binds nitrogen. In particular, legumes bind nitrogen from the air and make important plant nutrients available for subsequent crops.
  • all animals are kept in an appropriate manner according to their species. This means sufficient space for movement, fresh air, high-quality organic fodder and ensuring that animals can live their natural behaviours.
  • more extensive livestock keeping and the use of permanent grassland reduce methane emissions and bind CO2. The number of livestock is limited dependent upon the availability of farmland.
  • the health of consumers, farmers and agricultural workers is taken seriously, by - among other measures - banning the use of genetic engineering.
  • it pursues the goal of producing nutrient-rich, high-quality food. Products are free of artificial colors, preservatives and flavor enhancers, because the processing of organic food is subject to strict regulations.