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  • Member ofVereenegung fir Bio-Landwirtschaft Lëtzebuerg asbl.

Mario Kleer

From only being a hobby farmer to becoming organic

The farm of Mario Kleer is located in the West of the country in the village of Everlange on the banks of the river. The family business, which started as a hobby with a few cows, was converted to an organic farm in 2001. Currently, it shelters 45 suckler cows including their offspring as well as 2,700 chickens on a total area of about 127 hectares. The farmer had been interested in organic farming for years, but for various reasons, he did not make the final move for the transformation. He then realised, that he could not continue with this type of farming and that the demand for organic meat was there. Hence, he finally started to convert his farm and to supply a well-known organic butcher.

As of today, he cannot imagine to ever run his farm conventionally again. Moreover, he finds it very important convert the exploitation 100%, and not only partly. He is convinced that this type of agriculture reflects the future, because current practices cannot continue as they are now. He is deeply satisfied with what he contributes every day to nature and society. In recognition of his engagement, he has already won the Bio-Agrar price in 2013.

Diversity is of the essence

The Kleer’s are particularly concerned about the well-being of their animals, which is why the cattle, calves and chicken have plenty of space to run around. The farm is a partner of the BIO-OVO SA, a cooperative that packages and markets regionally supplied organic eggs. Its guidelines, which reach beyond those of the EU organic regulation, include 100% organic feeding of the chicken. As Mario's farm is self-sufficient in fodder, this guideline is guaranteed by the farm's own mixture. Furthermore, the husbandry of the chicken is very appropriate to the animal’s needs: The roosters live with the hens in the chicken coop. The small bushes in the outdoor area serve as a sitting spot and protect the animals from preying birds. As a positive additional effect, the hedges not only serve as shelter for the animals, but also visually enhance the landscape. An expansion of the egg production is planned for the future.

Running the farm organically ensures its existence and enables Mario Kleer to manage differentiated productions, such as the cultivation of field vegetables. Different kinds of vegetables and fruits are grown on the field, including celery, red and white cabbage, potatoes and most of all, leek. He has only recently started to develop the cultivation of asparagus and strawberries, since he tries to develop his farm continuously. Mario has been producing bread cereals for the BIOG and spelt for a bakery since 2019.

Mario Kleer sits on the BIOG board of directors. The farm is a member of the BIOG cooperative, which buys, processes and markets its products.

Organic is the right way to create a diverse world.

Mario Kleer
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