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  • Member ofVereenegung fir Bio-Landwirtschaft Lëtzebuerg asbl.

Familie Miller-Mariany

For the love of nature

In the course of converting his farm to organic in May 2016, Fränk Miller gave up dairy farming and has been keeping Limousin cattle and laying hens ever since. Since he hardly used conventional means before anyway, the conversion to organic was a logical step for him.

The entire Miller-Mariany family tackles the farm work with passion and conviction.

The farm cultivates about 40 ha of arable land, which is cultivated with clover grass, spelt, bread wheat, summer cereals and malting barley. On about 70 ha of grassland, 60 Limousin mother cows graze with their offspring. 4000 hens fill 2 barns with life.

Besides the organic products eggs, cereals and meat, the family is fond of "organic mustard". Disappointed by the taste of the organic mustard available in organic shops, Elisabeth decided to try producing it herself in 2019. It was particularly important to her that the mustard was free of sugar, colourings, sweeteners and preservatives. After many trials, the first jar of mustard was then sold in 2021. From the field where the mustard is grown to the processing of the grains, the pre-mashing and subsequent grinding of the mustard, the entire production process takes place at the Millers. Even the filling of the jars is done by the family.

The Biohaff Miller-Mariany produces high-quality grain for BIOG and markets its beef through IVLB under the labels "Biomaufel" and "Bio Green Beef". The organic eggs are sold via Bio-Ovo and in the farm's own shop, which opened 24/7 at the beginning of 2023. Furthermore, mustard from the farm's own production and various poultry products are offered there. Larger quantities of organic beef can also be ordered from the farm.

"I am an organic farmer because for me this is the most normal form of agriculture, where I work in the spirit of nature and health and consciously do not destroy it by chemical or other means."

Fränk Miller
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