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  • Member ofVereenegung fir Bio-Landwirtschaft Lëtzebuerg asbl.

Amand Keiser - Toodlermillen

Organic farm, horse riding, ecological camping and much more...

Amand Keiser and his family run a multiple generation’s business in Tadler. He and his wife own an ecological camping and an organic farm along with a horse riding station in an idyllic valley in the nature park Obersauer in the midst of the Luxembourgish Ardennes. Tourists can enjoy this stunning landscape on the riverbank of the Esch-Sauer and spend relaxing and eco-friendly holidays there. The camping, which is certified since 2002 with the Eco-Label, is managed by his wife Sylvia. It has solar panels and a photovoltaic system at its disposal and measures are in place to avoid plastic and water- and air-pollution.

Amand converted his farm to an organic farm already over 20 years ago in 1997. He wanted to break with the conventional methods of farming and did not want to be responsible anymore for the collateral damages that chemical sprays and the dependence on the global industry cause. Amand believes the motivation to convert does not stem from outside influences, but from the inner character and the human conscience.

He wants to produce healthy and respectable food, since he is aware of his responsibility towards the society, but above all towards younger generations. Farmers have the power to positively affect nature and to influence the quality of their products significantly. This way of thinking makes him want to change the course and work against the flow - in harmony with nature - even with obstacles on his path. He enjoys working closely within nature, as he can allow his thoughts free rein and be creative.

High-quality organic meat from the North of the country

The “Tooddlermillen” extends over an area of 76ha and is home to 75 Scottish Highland cattle, cows and calves, as well as six Icelandic horses, cats and two shepherds. This type of cattle is known for its robust physique, long and auburn fur and impressive horns. It spends most time of the year outside, but during winter, a comfortable shelter including outdoor area is at the cows’ disposal. The meal plan includes fresh grass and herbs in summer and aromatic hay in winter. The healthy diet, the regular exercise and the slow growth process are reflected in the high-quality and tender meat with its unique marbling. It contains many proteins, but is also very low in fat and cholesterol. After being processed into salami, ham and sausages, the products are sold exclusively in the NATURATA stores.

Moreover, the farmer cultivates wheat and brewing barley on his acres. The latter is used for the production of an organic beer from a Luxembourgish brewery. You can find more thrilling stories and important information on the website through this link. The farm is a member of the BIOG cooperative, which collects, processes and markets his products.

Agriculture is difficult in our valley. In dry years high yields are impossible. Organic farming and working in harmony with nature is the only right decision for our farm.

Amand Keiser
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