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Fair and social in-company

This is the way we work!

As an employer of more than 400 staff, the Oikopolis Group pays attention to respectful collaboration and cooperation, as defined in its mission statement, both internally as well as with stakeholders. The company aims at long-term commitments of employees, just as it strives for long-term cooperation with external partners and suppliers. In order to achieve this, the Group creates employment that provide a secure livelihood with fair remuneration and flexible working models. Room for participation of employees is supported by working groups in the different companies. In addition, professional and personal development is promoted by means of training measures.

Access to high-quality organic food is made possible for staff by offering 20% discount on the entire Naturata range of products, as well as on meals in the organic restaurant and bistros. Besides, the company provides a selection of organic products free of cost in the company staff kitchens.

In my day-to-day work in the Oikopolis group, sustainability means for me:

...working with sustainable packaging materials.

...professional and private interests of employees are taken into account.

...selling the products of regional organic farmers.

...charging facilities on the premises for company- and for private e-cars. contribute to climate protection by using innovative technologies.

...a good work-life balance.