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The cow and her contribution to biodiversity

The cow is not just an animal that we encounter on farms. The cow is actually a symbol for our agriculture, because the cow can make an enormous contribution towards a sustainable environment, ecosystem and society as we allow her to do so. Her contribution towards sustainability is optimally used in organic farming, where the cow plays a key role in farm cycles.

What can a cow do and where is she a champion?

  • The cow is able to transform grass into food.
  • The cow produces natural fertilizer, promoting life and fertility in the soil.
  • The cow improves - as proven - the biodiversity of plants and herbs.
  • And by grazing, the cow improves the diversity and number of soil organisms.
  • As a consequence, the number and diversity of insects increases, which in turn works positively on bird life.
  • The biodiversity of the flora enables a high diversity of the fauna.
  • Insects (bees) are again essential for pollination and therewith the diversity of the flora.

In other words, the cow is much more than just livestock that produces meat or milk. Its main role (or "core competence") is actually its contribution to biodiversity.

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