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We measure our ecological footprint

Since 2012, the Oikopolis group calculate their CO₂-emissions caused by its activities. Aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions continuously.

A calculation tool records company-related emissions. It includes direct CO₂-emissions (energy consumption for heating, diesel consumption for logistics, electricity for processes like packaging etc.). CO₂ emissions from upstream business activities are also included (purchase of office supplies, commuting of staff between home and work, waste produced in processing and in retail).

One of the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions is the commuting of staff, which accounts for around half of the total CO₂ footprint of the company. The logistics of wholesaler Biogros, as well as the waste produced are both for around 20% responsible for the emissions. The analysis of the results show us new opportunities to optimize processes as well as for investments.

Aufteilung CO2 Verbrauch