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NATURATA charity initiative 2018/19: Together we help the people in Kivu to step out of poverty – thanks to sustainable agriculture!

Like every year, NATURATA organises a charity initiative together with SOS Faim in order to support the population of the Congolese province of South-Kivu in their fight against hunger and poverty by promoting sustainable agriculture within family farms.

In this project, we support the local producers in South-Kivu with the education on agricultural cooperatives. Meanwhile, they are sensitised to environmentally-friendly cultivation methods which preserve the natural ressources. Since the foundation of the BIOG cooperation in Luxembourg, These goals play a fundamental role in our self-conception.


Each donations counts tenfould!

NATURATA doubles your donation and rounds up the total sum. But there is more: For every Euro donated, 5 Euros are transferred to the local Partner NGO Amis du Kivu thanks to the participation of the Department of Foreign Affairs. Hence, 1 Euro results in 10 Euros!