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A new donation of € 15,000 for SOS Faim

On Friday, 4 June 2021, Sigmund Walbaum and Aender Schanck handed over a cheque for € 15,000 to SOS Faim on behalf of NATURATA.

For five years now, the organic retailer has been supporting a project of a long-standing partner of SOS Faim: Les Amis du Kivu, a Congolese NGO dedicated to fighting poverty in rural areas.

SOS Faim Scheck 2020
Sigmund Walbaum, Director of Naturata, and Aender Schanck, founder of the Oikopolis Group, hand over the cheque for 15,000€ to Thierry Defense, Director of SOS Faim, and to Christine Putz, responsible for fundraising within the NGO.

As in previous years, we appealed to the generosity of our customers during the 2020 year-end holidays. The campaign was actively supported and many shopping marks or cash were donated. The amount collected was then increased by NATURATA to the total amount of € 15,000.

With the support of SOS Faim, we are implementing our motto "Fair a kooperativ mat de Bio-Baueren" beyond our national borders. The company and the NGO are two partner institutions that share the same values and vision of agriculture: socially responsible, environmentally friendly and economically viable.

Les Amis du Kivu pursue the goal of food sovereignty for the rural population of the region and the revitalisation of family farming and livestock breeding. Specifically, the NGO works alongside farmers and rural communities by guaranteeing them a more equitable access to agricultural land and by promoting quality local agriculture.

In 2020, Les Amis du Kivu focused on promoting environmentally friendly rural development through four main areas of activity:

  • Strengthening agricultural cooperatives and farmers' organisations through improved agricultural production,
  • Protecting biodiversity through natural disaster prevention activities and promoting agro-ecology,
  • The support of communities in their afforestation activities to combat erosion and landslides,
  • And the expansion and promotion of agroecological techniques among farmers' organisations and agricultural cooperatives.

A heartfelt thank you therefore once again to all donors - on the part of NATURATA and directly from South Kivu!